HogWatch- most useful Harley Davidson accessory

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Recommended Care: Always use a clean, flat working surface in a well-lit area to prevent damage to or loss of small parts.

  1. Be sure the fob battery is not depleted. We recommend replacing the fob battery if it is more than 1 year old when initially installing your fob electronics into the Hogwatch.
  2. Be sure the battery + sign is facing down on the insert.
  3. Be sure the fob battery is 10-32 and NOT 20-32
  • Replace watch battery with SR616SW
    1. Remove fob guts and the adapter insert from the back of the watch. Use the assembly screwdriver that was provided in your Hogwatch box.
    2. Remove divider plate by twisting it counter-clockwise, thus exposing the watch movement compartment.
    3. Gently remove the old battery and replace with the new battery + side up.
    4. Replace the divider plate and secure your Hogwatch adapter piece with your fob electronics and battery.
    5. Secure back of the watch with screws and Hogwatch screwdriver.