What is a Hog Watch?

A Hog Watch combines your Harley Davidson key fob electronics with a wearable watch to eliminate the hassles of carrying, forgetting or losing your stock key fob.  

How does it work?

Our patented technology and design makes the process very simple.  When your Hog Watch arrives, it will come with easy to follow instructions.  First, take your existing Harley Davidson key fob and remove if from its plastic case.  Then, unsnap the back of your Hog Watch.  Take your Harley Davidson key fob circuit board and simply place it inside the Hog Watch and snap the back of the watch on.  There is no programming or reprogramming required. 

Can I personalize my Hog Watch?

Currently, Hog Watch is offered in our standard black leather band.  Future generations may include optional bands and any standard 26mm replacement band will work now.

Can I purchase a pre-programmed Harley Davidson key fob from Hog Watch, LLC?

No, you must purchase the key fob from a Harley Davidson store and have it programmed to your motorcycle.  The circuity inside the programmed key fob is then removed and inserted into the Hog Watch.  If you already have a key fob programmed to your motorcycle, that circuitry is all that is needed.

Is the Hog Watch waterproof?

The Hog Watch is not waterproof but is water resistant.

Does the Hog Watch work for all Harley Davidson makes and models?

Currently, the Hog Watch is compatible with Harley makes and models that are equipped with the security hands free fob system.  If you do not have this capability on your bike and would like a Hog Watch, please upgrade the security system at your nearest Harley Davidson dealer.

When can I expect to receive my Hog Watch?

March 1st is the official release date of Hog Watch. Preorder yours today to be one of the first and save 17% off your order and receive free shipping!