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How We Started Our Journey

From Dream to Reality!

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How Your HogWatch Makes Life Easier

Ever lost your key fob or misplaced your bike keys at home, on the road or after a party? We have!

Check your pockets! Oops, it’s hanging on the key rack inside the house. That’s what we do every time we want to ride. What if you could eliminate that worry. That feeling that you’ve forgotten something! Our goal was to create a stylish and simple accessory to give you the freedom and peace of mind to simply hit the road whenever you want. No more lost keys ever. You can now wear your keys safely anywhere you go and whatever you are doing.

The Harley Keys You Wear Anywhere And Everywhere

We scribbled notes on napkins, Brainstormed about devices you could program, or apps that “make our life simple”, but that was too involved for the motorcycle solution. The true goal was the simplest solution that solves the problem and fits into the active outdoor free lifestyle of a rider. So we simplified! We thought, what if you could just just carry your existing key fob with you! ALL THE TIME!

The Easiest Solution

What if we could take the guts out of your Harley Davidson Key Fob and place them inside a watch? The HogWatch idea was born.

After dozens of design tests, plenty of 3D prints for different versions, and custom designs of circuit boards from three different Harley Davidson key fobs, we perfected the design and it is ready to use. We created a design that snaps your current key fob seamlessly into a watch without hassle.

One watch and one solution that takes minutes to setup and works perfectly every time you get on your bike. The HogWatch!

HogWatch Just Works And Riders Love It

The response from dealers and riders has been amazing and we’re excited that the latest accessory for your Harley Davidson is launching soon. No more testing, no more dreaming about it, the HogWatch is ready to own and leave you keys behind forever.

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